Pastor Jay's Mid-Week Memo – November 16, 2022

Dear Forest Hills Family,

I’m writing to you from Memphis as several of us from Forest Hills are here as messengers for the Tennessee Baptist Convention meeting at the historic Bellevue Baptist Church. It has been a great couple of days of meetings, worship, and preaching united and focused on the Great Commission. I’m glad to be a Tennessee Baptist and glad to serve a church that is a leader in our state!

Wanted to share 3 things with you today:

1.  We are celebrating a wonderful Family Gathering this past Sunday as we presented our 2023 Ministry Budget and as I cast vision for several key strategic actions we will prayerfully take over the next couple of months to move Forward Together. If you missed the meeting, please check your email for the recap which also includes a video of the vision presentation here. 

2.  This Sunday is a big day as we conclude our year-long sermon series through Acts on Sunday morning and then gather for our churchwide Thanksgiving meal and service Sunday evening. I hope you will make every effort to be here Sunday morning and Sunday evening – it’s going to be a really great day!
3.  Finally, we are looking forward to the launch of Christmas at Forest Hills on Sunday, November 27! We will begin our Christmas sermon series, Songs of Christmas, and look forward to an exciting celebration of special events and opportunities. Christmas is a great time to worship, serve and to invite friends and family to church – take advantage of every opportunity you can to do all three this Christmas season!

I love what God is doing in our church right now and love being on mission with you. I hope to see you tonight and if not, I’ll look forward to seeing and worshipping with you on Sunday!

Live Sent,
Pastor Jay

Posted by Jay Hardwick

Pastor Jay's Mid-Week Memo – October 5, 2022

Dear Church Family,

Hello from Fayetteville, Arkansas! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement for Molly and our family as she makes her college debut this week. She and her Ole Miss teammates are in great position heading into the final round today! (Photo courtesy of Ole Miss.)

What an incredible Engage Global Celebration we had experienced together last weekend! I am so grateful for our partners, their ministries, and the opportunity we had to be inspired and challenged this weekend. Chad Mize, our staff and Missions Committee did an incredible job organizing and leading us through the weekend. And, we had the most successful Engage Golf Tournament we’ve ever had to kickoff the weekend!

As we move forward from Engage, we need to be considering three questions:

  1. How is God calling me to GO personally every day?
  2. How is God calling me to GO short-term?
  3. How is God calling me to GO long-term?
    • Is God calling you to give a longer period, like a summer, or a year, or even your life to serve on mission? We would love to help you take your next step to pursue this calling!

Bottom line – we want to be known as a people and a church that GOES personally, locally and globally!

This Sunday is big as we officially welcome Bradley Morris, our new Minister of Modern Worship, and as we dive back in to Acts, specifically Acts 20. If I had to pick a life verse, it would be Acts 20:24, so this passage is near and dear to my heart. I know many will be traveling on Fall Break, but I hope you will make every effort to worship with us in person or online.

As we look ahead, Trunk or Treat is rapidly approaching! Be praying for this event, invite people to attend, sign-up for a trunk and bring candy to be given out that night! We’re planning for 2,000 people to attend and need everyone participating to make this event a success.

 Love you church and so grateful for what God is doing! See you soon!

 We Are Sent,

Pastor Jay

Posted by Jay Hardwick