Our Women’s Ministry wants to encourage and equip you to grow in your walk with Christ through Bible Study, prayer, community, worship and more!

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Rise Up: Share Your Voice

What do you do when a quarantine sends you home and limits your ability to connect with other women? You start a Women’s Ministry blog and invite women in the church to rise up and share their voices. Follow FHBC guest bloggers as they share their encouraging perspectives on a variety of topics and issues.

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Sunday Mornings

Sunday school groups are offered each week at 9:30am. 

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Weekday Bible Study Groups

Our Weekday multi-generational discipleship ministries offer groups and activities throughout the week with Wednesday evenings serving as the centerpiece of our midweek schedule. 

Led by Elizabeth Webb and Molly Drew

Wednesdays beginning Jan. 12  
10-11:30am  |  C100  |  No Cost

Do you want to be encouraged and fully equipped in your role as a mother? Are you looking for practical tools for everyday parenting? No matter where you are in your mom-journey, Fearless Mom is a judgment-free zone where you can connect with other moms and become the mom God created you to be. (No homework)

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GOD OF FREEDOM • by Jen Wilkin
Led by Courtney Mize, Jenna Pautienus & Julie Garrison

Wednesdays beginning Jan. 12  
10-11:30am  |  C103  |  $15

In this study of Exodus 19–40, journey through the story of how God shepherds His newly-liberated children into an understanding of what their freedom means: lives consecrated for service to God and to one another. (Homework) 

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WALKING FAITHFULLY WITH GOD: 1 & 2 KINGS & 2 CHRONICLES Precept Inductive Study Series
Led by Bonnie Davis

Wednesdays beginning Jan. 12  
10-11:30am  |  B210  |  $10

The books of Kings and Chronicles picture the nation of Israel rising and falling according to the faithfulness of its leaders. In this study, readers will discover for themselves the true meaning of success and the key to finding it. (Homework)

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Led by Nancy Dunn & Meg Moore

Wednesdays beginning Jan. 12  
10-11:30am  |  A203  |  No Cost

Join us for a multi-generational discussion-based class about God’s sovereignty and the promises we find in Scripture. (No homework)

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Led by Morlee Maynard, Sheila Moss & Debbie Boyte

Wednesdays beginning Jan. 12  
10-11:30am  |  A104  |  No Cost  |  No Registration Necessary

January through May, we are going to advance the gospel by experiencing Christian fiction and non-fiction. Each of us will have the opportunity to read or listen to three books. The first group (January 12-February 23) will experience Charles Martin’s fiction and non-fiction. Each person will select a book by Martin from our Enrichment Center. Our Wednesday conversations will focus on what God is teaching each of us as we read during the week. Two additional groups will follow.  Join us online via Zoom by visiting fhbc.org/readinggroup.

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TEACH ME YOUR WAYS • Precept Inductive Study Series
Led by Shawn Lantz

Tuesdays beginning January 11  |  6-7:15pm
C100  |  $10  |  No Childcare

If you want to know where it all started – creation, man, marriage, sin, civilization – there’s no better place to begin than the first five books of the Bible. These books provide an intimate knowledge of God and His incomparable ways. Observing His relationship with His chosen people Israel will give you fresh insight. (Homework)

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Led by Susie Swafford

Thursdays beginning January 13  |  9:30-11:30am  |  C100  |  $10
No registration  |  No Childcare

Are you an example to others? Learn the principles of exemplary Christian living. Understand the spiritual warfare, sparked by the presence of the gospel in the world, and the rapture of the church—
God's ultimate rescue. (Homework)

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