Pastor Jay's Mid-Week Memo – June 14, 2023

Dear Forest Hills Family,

Something we say all the time is we want prayer to be our first response – not our last resort. We want to prioritize and be proactive in prayer: calling on and relying on God’s strength. There is great power when we pray – especially when we pray together!

Today and through next week, I am calling us to band together in prayer over VBS in at least these 4 ways:

  1. Pray for boys and girls to make professions of faith next week! Every year, we see dozens of kids make decisions for Christ. Pray that God will move, and that we will see His harvest next week!
  2. Pray for kids who know Jesus to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Pray they will learn how to love, trust and follow Jesus through all the “twists and turns” of life.
  3. Pray for opportunities to connect with, and encourage families – particularly new families. VBS opens the door to minister to new families. Pray next week will be a connecting opportunity, and that many new families will begin attending FHBC because of VBS.
  4. Pray for our staff and volunteers. It takes an army to make VBS happen, and we have an incredible team that has already invested and will invest even more next week. Pray for their health, energy and wisdom to lead well!

Of course, we are praying for our Middle School mission team serving in Memphis this week, our Women’s Fellowship on Thursday night, all the needs in our church family – and more. We just want to be sure we are praying in alignment for VBS next week!

Love you church family. Love what God is doing in and through our church. Excited about the opportunities ahead this summer! Hopefully I’ll see you tonight for the Prayer Meeting at 6PM, and if not, I will see you Sunday!

Until All Hear,

Pastor Jay


Posted by Jay Hardwick

Pastor Jay's Mid-Week Memo – February 1, 2023

Dear Forest Hills Family,

First of all, we are ON for Wednesday night programming tonight! Of course, we encourage you to be wise and safe in deciding about tonight and in travel, but our parking lot and surrounding roads are in good shape. We look forward to seeing all who can safely make it for a great night of fellowship and growth for all ages.

A couple of quick additional notes:

  1. We are celebrating several people who have trusted Jesus as Savior and Lord in recent worship services! We are looking forward to their upcoming baptisms and you hearing their stories of how God has moved in their lives!
  2. We are looking forward to our Night of Prayer and Worship this Sunday, February 5 at 4:00pm in Elevate. This will be a night for us to gather together as a united body in worship and in prayer. We’ll also celebrate communion together. Please make every effort to be here – you don’t want to miss it!
  3. Looking ahead, I am very excited about the new sermon series we are starting on February 12! We’ll share more about it this weekend, but we are going to study the identity of Jesus through the gospel of John, focusing on Jesus’ “I Am” statements. This will take us to Easter Sunday and will be a great series to invite anyone who has questions about Jesus. Praying that God will use this series to grow our faith and to lead many others to faith in Jesus!

This Sunday, we are concluding our 28 Days of Prayer and our Restore sermon series. This will be a very important and meaningful Sunday. I hope you will make every effort to be there, expecting God to move in power as we seek His face for restoration in our city, nation and world. Revival begins in us – let’s gather with a united heart and spirit longing for a restoring move of God to begin in us and sweep across our nation!

Love you and see you soon!

Pastor Jay

Posted by Jay Hardwick