Worship: Giving adoration, respect and love to God 

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Through worship we exalt and praise God for who He is. We confess our sins before Him. We proclaim His message from the Holy Scripture. And we respond to His call on our lives, saying as Isaiah did, “Here am I, Lord.
Nothing is more exciting than being part of the sacred experience that we call our worship services every Sunday morning. Why? Because we believe that we’re not just singing songs, but we are authentically engaging our hearts in the exaltation of the one true God!

Two Formats: One Church

We offer two worship experiences on Sunday mornings: Majestic choir-led traditional worship at 8:15am in the sanctuary, and band-led modern worship at 11am in the ELEVATE Worship Center.

In both of our worship services, you'll be welcomed and experience a setting where the immeasurable and unconditional love of God is evident. You'll hear the Word of God preached boldly from the pulpit.

We hope you will come worship with us this Sunday.

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