An immersive ministry experience where Personal Development, Theological Education and Supervised Ministry intersect in the context a Gospel-centered, local church. 

Purpose of Ministry Residency 

Prepare God-called men and women for ministry in the local Church and among the Nations. 

Residency Overview

Ministry Residents will have the opportunity to explore God’s call on their life in an intentional, immersive environment over a two-year period. Forest Hills staff will invest in each resident in three primary areas: Personal Development, Theological Education, and Supervised Ministry.

Personal Development: Through individual and group settings, Residents will be challenged and nurtured in their spiritual formation and leadership development. Residents will set personal goals to meet through the duration of the residency.

Theological Education: As a part of the Ministry Residency, each resident will be enrolled as a full-time student in an SBC Seminary and will take virtual classes together as residency cohort at Forest Hills. By the end of the residency, residents will have completed a minimum of 36 credit hours toward their Master’s degree.

Supervised Ministry: With an individualized approach, Residents will be able to learn, observe and experience ministry leadership under the support and direction of our seasoned leadership team. Residents will pursue development in their primary area of calling as well as gain experience in other avenues of ministry in the local church.

Residency Specializations

Missions: Utilizing FHBC’s strategic partnerships, residents can gain experience in cross-cultural ministry, volunteer mobilization, field personnel support and disciple-making in local and international contexts. Residents would be encouraged to enter the sending process through the International Mission Board while serving as a resident. This specialization is open
to God-called women and men.

Pastoral/Church Planting: Pastoral and church planting residents will gain experiences in various ministry areas that prepare them to lead a local church. Ministry will be experienced within the context of the multi-generational ministry of FHBC, but can be expanded to include its partner ministries when relevant. FHBC will uniquely prepare and equip a church planting resident to strategically plant and pastor a healthy, evangelistic, disciple-making and multiplying church through Forest Hills Baptist Church. This specialization is reserved for God-called men in accordance with our Statement of Faith, 1 Timothy 3, and Titus 1.

Residency Qualifications:

• Being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, who is actively pursuing Him
• Articulating a specific call to vocational, Christian ministry
• Expressing alignment with FHBC’s Statement of Faith
• Having completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
• Desiring to enroll in Seminary for further theological education
• Committing two years in a full-time capacity to FHBC’s Ministry Residency
• During the Residency, each Resident must complete our membership process
  and become part of our church family

Residency Support:

• Residents will be provided a financial $25,000/year stipend to offset living
  costs in addition to gaining valuable ministry experience.
• Forest Hills will cover the cost of Seminary classes taken while in the Ministry
  Residency (36 hours).
• Forest Hills will assist Residents with finding low-cost, affordable living
  arrangements in our ministry area.

 Residency Application

Residency FAQs:

Are there financial benefits included in the Residency?

Residents will spend, on average, 60% (24 hours/week) of their time in supervised ministry, 30% (12 hours/week) in theological education and 10% (4 hours/week) in personal development. Total weekly commitment to the residency will total an average of 40 hours.

Who will be my employer?

While serving in the Residency, FHBC will employ you to fulfill your supervised ministry in the service of the church as a part-time employee (less than 30 hours/week). The facilitation of your seminary education and personal development, while they constitute the remaining requirements of the Residency, are provided as a benefit of the Residency.

Are any other benefits included in the Residency?

No, in addition to the unique, personal benefit of the Residency itself, the Seminary costs and the stipend, there are no additional benefits offered. 

Is there any time off or vacation time during the Residency?

Yes, Residents will get one week of vacation per year in addition to approved church holidays. The church office is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day and this time off does not count as vacation time. Vacation time must be coordinated in advance with the Residency Director and your ministry supervisor in conjunction with the seminary schedule.

Who selects the ministry specialization and supervisor?

Residency specializations and supervisors will be formed based on aligning Residency Candidates callings with FHBC Ministry needs and expertise. Expression of calling and preferences are collected in the Residency Application. Candidates will be accepted and assigned a specialization after an interview with the Residency Director and the prospective ministry supervisor.

Can I pick what seminary and what classes I take?

All Residents will take the same predetermined core classes with other residents in their cohort. The Seminary and course
schedule outlined at the beginning of the Residency will be followed each semester so there can be consistency in a collaborative learning environment.

Can I have a ministry focus in my seminary training?

Residents will complete the core classes of a Master’s level theological degree in concert with their cohort. However, if a Resident would like to take additional classes at their own at expense during mini terms, a longer focus can be arranged in advance with the church and seminary.

When will candidates be notified if they have been selected to participate in the Ministry Residency and when will it begin?

Applications will be received through March 31st. Resident selection will be completed and announced by May 31st. Residents will begin Year 1 of the Residency on August 1st.

How many Residents will be selected?

Each year, a maximum of 2 candidates will be selected to participate in FHBC’s Ministry Residency.

Will Residents be guaranteed employment at the end of the Residency?

While our goal is to prepare each Resident to be equipped for ministry leadership in the local church, we cannot guarantee future employment to our Residents. We trust the Lord to lead each Resident to the place of service that He has called them.