Women: Biblical Sexuality in an Unbiblical World

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Biblical Sexuality in an Unbiblical World by Christopher Yuan
Led by FHBC Age Group Ministers
Wednesdays beginning January 17
10-11:30am | C103 | $10

How can parents (and grandparents) help their children follow Jesus in a culture that’s telling them any and all types of sexuality must be accepted — even celebrated — and that those who disagree are small-minded and hypocritical who should be “ostracized”? This class, led by our “Next Gen” ministers, will teach participants about ways their kids can filter out all of the worldly noise and nonsense, instead focusing on and following what God’s Word says about things like gender identity and same-sex attraction, sexual temptation and immorality, and fidelity in singleness and faithfulness in marriage. Also offered Wednesday evenings.  (No Homework, 10 weeks)

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