New Sunday Morning Schedule Beginning March 1st

WATCH: Assoc. Pastor of Administration, Jake Day, outlines new schedule.

The ministers and Elders have been looking toward the future and praying about what will best position us to accomplish God’s purpose for FHBC in the days ahead, as well as thinking about some present concerns voiced by many in our services. In response, we believe God is leading us to introduce a new Sunday morning schedule starting Sunday, March 1:

  • 8:30am — Sanctuary Worship / Sunday School for Adults + Preschool ETC
  • 9:45am — Sanctuary Worship / Sunday School for All Ages
  • 11:10am — ELEVATE Worship / Sunday School for Adults + Preschool ETC

View: NEW Sunday School Guide

Our hope in making this adjustment is to bring unity in preaching and increased energy to each service.

Here are some questions you might have, as well as a look into our thinking and how we feel the Lord is leading us…

Why go from three traditional sanctuary worship services to two?
Many have expressed concern that there aren't enough people in the Sanctuary to support the number of services we currently have. Moving from three traditional services to two will help us have a stronger sense of unity and energy within those services. It also allows us to prepare for a time when we have a new Senior Pastor who will want to be able to speak and connect relationally to the entire congregation each week.

Why the shift in start times?
Several folks have voiced a desire to move our start times back to allow more time to get to church. The new schedule accomplishes that. Shifting ELEVATE’s start time back 10 minutes helps us keep extra time for fellowship after our largest Sunday School hour (something that has been received positively) and helps the transition of our preschool and children’s areas.

Why are we starting some Sunday School classes at 11:10?
In short, it helps people maintain consistency with their Sunday morning routines. Having some adult Sunday School classes at 11:10am provides a way for those who like coming to church at our later hours and prefer Sanctuary worship to still be able to come to church at the same time block — now they’ll just go to Sanctuary worship during the second hour and go to Sunday School during the third hour. Jeff Bowden will be working with some of our existing 9:45am adult classes to see if they would be willing to move to 11:10am. We will also be starting some new classes during this third hour!  Those classes will be:

  • Linda Hoss (leader) – New Class for Women in Room B210
  • Larry Thrailkill (leader) – New Class for Coed in the Chapel
  • John Landers, Dick Rollins (leaders) – 70s & 80s Coed in Room A103
  • Good News (led by Ron Songstad, Ron Mohlel) – 70+ Coed in Room B114

With this new schedule, who will be preaching in the coming months?
Chad Mize and Kevin Wood will continue to preach each Sunday up until March 1, when the new Sunday morning schedule will go into effect.

Chad will be out the month of March on a well-deserved sabbatical. Per our Personnel Policy Handbook, ministerial staff can take a month-long recharge every seven years, and Chad has had this planned for several months. Be praying that this would be a time of renewal and reenergizing for him!

While Chad is out, SBC Executive Committee President Dr. Ronnie Floyd, SBC Executive Committee Vice President for Great Commission Relations & Mobilization Willie McLaurin, and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Dr. Jason Allen will be leading us through a series called Renew & Refresh: Returning To The Basics of Biblical Community. Then in April, LifeWay President & CEO Ben Mandrell will return to FHBC with a special set of messages. Stay tuned for what’s ahead as Chad works with the Elders to bring outstanding Christian leaders who will bring biblical messages to our church and help our congregation prepare for the future!

Again, our heart and belief is that these adjustments will…

  • Help provide strong energy within all three of our worship services
  • Keep and strengthen the unity of the church, focusing on what God has in store for the future
  • Provide a consistent pastoral voice in our weekly sermon messages

In addition, making these changes now will help our Pastor Search Taskforce clearly communicate the direction of our church to a future Senior Pastor, and will help us be positioned for growth in the future.