DivorceCare is an ongoing recovery and support group for people experiencing the pain of separation or divorce. It is open to anyone, and you are welcome to join DivorceCare at any time. For more information about DivorceCare, visit their official website at divorcecare.com.

DivorceCare meets Wednesdays starting August 8–October 31 from 6–8pm in room B116.

Seminar Topics

  • What's Happening To Me?
  • The Road to Healing/Finding Help
  • Facing Your Anger
  • Facing Your Depression
  • Facing Your Loneliness
  • What Does the Owner's Manual Say?
  • New Relationships
  • Financial Survival
  • Kidcare 1
  • Kidcare 2
  • Forgiveness
  • Reconciliation
  • Moving On, Growing Closer to God

Wednesday Nights For Kids

Every Wednesday night we have dinner from 5–6pm, followed by classes and activities for preschoolers, elementary school students, middle schoolers and high schoolers. 



Email Pastoral Counseling Minister Barney Self for more information about DivorceCare and DC4K.